Podcast for Upland Advice Givers about Real Estate Investing

Podcast for Upland Advice Givers about Real Estate Investing

Joe Hamilton from Upland Advice Givers interviewed Jeffrey and I about real estate investing. We talk about how we transitioned from employees to investors. We actually did not start off investing, but rather as property managers. While this is the route we decided to take, I don’t believe this is necessary to be successful and I explain why.

There were a couple of important events and activities that helped make the transition from employee to real estate investing smoother. I did deliberate planning in my work life and later with our property management company after receiving advice from a mentor. These key factors facilitated our ability to shift our time and focus to growing the investment side of our business.

Great Questions:

One of the great questions was how pure logic or gut feeling determine the decision making process in looking at deals. This changed for me overtime as more experience was gained. Depending how close the numbers are on deals has affected my use of logic vs. gut feeling.

We share the traits that we believe help to make a savvy investor – knowledge necessary to help you succeed in this industry. The essential calculations real estate investors need to know and the plans for the future.

What we would have done differently in the beginning and how those decisions may have impacted our growth. What we would have changed with regards to the historical market cycle we experienced.

Learn the importance of networking and how you build better relationships with brokers that will feed you deals. How to overcome skeptic brokers when inquiring about out of state deals. Engage in cooperative capitalism and create more. Get the books we recommend for real estate investing and business success. Learn how we define success.

It was an enjoyable podcast for us and we hope you find it helpful in your real estate endeavors and business.

To Your Success!

Omar Ruiz

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