Protect Your Credit for Apartment Investing

It’s Important to Protect Your Credit in Apartment Investing In our apartment investing business it’s important to monitor personal and business credit. A good credit score is necessary to get the best loan rates. I’m confident on our internal controls; however, I get concerned when other company’s get hacked. Every announcement of a company getting

Omar Ruiz – Apartment Investing Interview

Omar Ruiz – Apartment Investing Interview Omar Ruiz of LeRu Investments talks about his experience in apartment investing. The following subjects are covered: • Purchasing an apartment • Due-diligence • Researching the market and competition • Reviewing financial statements • Using demographics data to know the market • What to consider for utility expenses •

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The Big Expense in Apartment Investing

The Big Expense in Apartment Investing Apartment investing involves managing and reducing costs. Effective apartment operations seek to minimize costs by reducing expenses that management controls and create solutions to those that are uncontrollable and unexpected. When investing in apartments, one of the biggest operating expenses that management has the ability to control is unit