Apartment Investor Interview with Omar Ruiz

Omar Ruiz, apartment investor interview to talk about his experience.

This is a previous apartment investor interview done for educational purposes.

The following subjects are covered in this educational interview that will help other apartment investors:

  • His experience as property manager and apartment investor
  • How he started
  • How he bought his first property using hard money
  • The benefits of partnerships for an apartment investor
  • The important people to have on your real estate investing team
  • Strategies to improve your net operating income (NOI)
  • His analogy about taking the leap of faith

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See The Video Below about Where Omar Ruiz Started in Property Management

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Where We Started in Property Management

Before becoming an apartment investor, we were managing properties.

This is the first property we started managing. It’s a 7 unit apartment complex located in Riverside California. This property gave us the opportunity to learn how to properly manage a complex, how to lease, and how to run a good operation.


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