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From investing in New York Apartments to California notes and beyond. We’re excited to have Andy Mirza, an experienced real estate investor. He has participated in Apartments, Multi-Family, Duplexes, Sixplexes, Condos, Single Family Flips, Mobile Homes and Non-Performing Notes.

Leru Interviews Apartments investor

Interview with an experienced Real Estate Investor on Thursday January 7th

Andy Mirza has been a real estate investor since 2003. He started with multi-family and apartments in Buffalo, NY, ranging from 5 to 32 units for a total of 60 doors. We’re fortunate to be able to conduct an interview with an experienced investor that’s been involved with so many different types of properties and real estate transactions and is willing to share his experience and knowledge with us.

In 2011, he acquired a duplex and a sixplex in San Bernardino, CA. Since then, he has flipped 9 condos, mobile homes, and single family residences. During 2011 to 2013, he bought 23 condos, mostly at trustee sales, and holds them as long term rentals. Currently, Andy is focused on non-performing notes and owns 9 of them.

Join us for an educational evening that is sure to increase your knowledge of real estate and the different investment vehicles within the world of real estate. As someone who has invested out of state and within his state, Andy has unique, special knowledge about putting together teams and how to be an effective team player. We’ll be asking him about how he started, what have been some of his challenges  and keys to success and what types of transactions he’s currently doing.

6:30pm to 7:00pm Networking
7:00pm – 8:30pm Interview

We’ll be on the 5th floor. Please be on time as special access is required to enter the building and use the elevator. It’s advised to be on time, so that you don’t get locked-out, but we’ll have people monitoring the entry doors and elevator. There is a small fee to attend – see link below for details.

Click here for details and to RSVP :

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Location: 7755 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA, 5th Floor

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