Multifamily Workshop – How to Invest in Apartments


Multifamily Workshop – How to Invest in Multifamily and Apartments

On June 24th the LeRu Investments team hosted a multifamily workshop in Santa Ana CA. We showed attendees the trends for multifamily housing and how they can get started – See photos below. We went through deal analysis and planned to talk about due-diligence but ran out of time – read about due-diligence on our blog post here. 

multifamily workshopThe attendees liked the information and were very engaged. We received a lot of good questions. Attendees were particularly interested in having a clear understanding of the A, B, C classification of buildings and neighborhoods. This was a topic we spent more time than we expected and it helped to make comparisons of cities locally in Orange County. See more about A, B, C Class on our blog here.

People enjoyed most the deal analysis portion. We went through two deals that are actively being sold. We showed people what to look for and found that a lot of missing information.  One deal was a fourplex in Anaheim that an attendee actually drove by previous and commented with their opinion on it. The second deal was a 40 unit apartment complex in Arizona. We used these to show people how to plug in missing expenses to determine the net operating income. From that we calculated the cap rates and cash-on-cash return.

It was a valuable educational experience. If you’d like to learn about our upcoming events sign up on our meetup page by clicking this link: Multifamily and Apartment Meetup Group.

Event Photos:

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