Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation November 19th


Market Cycles Presentation – At LeRu Investments LLC, we are cash flow investors first, but how do we reap the benefits of an appreciating market? By knowing where we are within the Market Cycle. On November 19th, 2015, Omar Ruiz will be presenting an overview of the different phases of the Real Estate Market Cycle and give attendees valuable information on the profitable courses of action to take within each phase. The presentation will be at the Wells Fargo Building located at 4590 MacArthur Boulevard, 5th Floor, Newport Beach, CA 92660. 6:00PM-7:00PM Networking, 7:00PM-8:30PM Presentation.

$10 Entry Fee

Please RSVP at this link: Multi-Family and Apartment Meetup

He will be talking about Real Estate Market Cycles and the following topics:

· Why real estate market cycles are important to your real estate investment activities and how the market cycle can help and hurt you.

· What are Emerging Markets

· When to get in and out of your market

· How to keep an eye-out for changes in the market cycles

· Different strategies to apply for different market cycles

· How the expansion phase of the market cycle gets going

· What causes the decline in the market cycle

· The sources of information to know what phase of the market cycle you’re at

This will be an informative presentation covering a topic that is important for real estate investing. As a bonus Omar will share one of his techniques for using the U.S. Census website to research distant out-of-state markets. This technique is something no one else knows how to use because he didn’t learn this from any real estate person but in college in his market research studies. This one technique could take the fear out of exploring other markets.

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