N.Y. Apartments to California Notes, Andy Mirza Investor Interview

From investing in New York Apartments to California notes and beyond. We’re excited to have Andy Mirza, an experienced real estate investor. He has participated in Apartments, Multi-Family, Duplexes, Sixplexes, Condos, Single Family Flips, Mobile Homes and Non-Performing Notes. Interview with an experienced Real Estate Investor on Thursday January 7th Andy Mirza has been a

Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation November 19th

Market Cycles Presentation – At LeRu Investments LLC, we are cash flow investors first, but how do we reap the benefits of an appreciating market? By knowing where we are within the Market Cycle. On November 19th, 2015, Omar Ruiz will be presenting an overview of the different phases of the Real Estate Market Cycle