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Things to Look Out for When Viewing a Property

Things to look out for when viewing a property are never just a formality when embarking on the journey toward investing in property. This step is crucial because it's where strategic investors, like the ones partnered with LeRu Investments,…
Economic Occupancy Formula

Understanding the Economic Occupancy Formula: A Key to Profitable Real Estate Investing

At LeRu Investments, LLC, we focus on helping busy professionals create passive income and build more wealth through strategic real estate investments. One of the critical tools we use in our analysis is the economic occupancy formula. This…
Good Tenant

How to Keep a Good Tenant: A Comprehensive Guide by LeRu Investments

As real estate investment and property management professionals at LeRu Investments, we recognize the immense value of good tenants. They’re an important part of a successful real estate investment strategy. So, how does one keep a good tenant?…
benefits apartments

Why Apartments Are Superior to Other Commercial Types of Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a proven way to generate wealth. But with so many options - office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties - why should you consider an apartment commercial investment? At LeRu Investments, we've discovered…
cash flow

Ways to Increase Cash Flow from Your Properties

In the world of real estate, cash flow properties are the ultimate ruler. The more income your properties generate, the more prosperous your investments become. Keep reading to uncover the key to maximizing cash flow from your properties with…
passive investing

Passive Investing: How Real Estate Can Boost Your Financial Health

A significant number of individuals are proactively exploring strategies to boost their financial security without compromising their lifestyle. At LeRu Investments, we're committed to providing these individuals with the necessary tools and…
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5 Things to Know for Passive Investing in Real Estate

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Passive Investing in Real Estate - 5 Things to Know by Omar RuizOver my many years as an apartment investor and operator, I’ve talked to numerous people about passive investing in real estate. Many times it’s a first time person considering…
insurance costs effects on real estate

Insurance Costs Effects on Real Estate

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Insurance Costs Effects on Real Estate By Omar RuizInsurance costs effects on real estate have been dramatic over the last several years. Owners of properties throughout Texas have been dealing with increasing premiums that exceed norms…
interest rates apartment investing

Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate

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Interest Rates Effect on Real Estate by Omar Ruiz Why are Interest Rates Increasing? Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell (Fed) has been on a mission to fight inflation since March of 2022. After erroneously describing inflation as “transitory”…
does section 8 make sense

Does Section 8 Make Sense?

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Does Section 8 Make Sense? by Omar RuizRecently a new client rented to a section 8 tenant and got me reflecting about my experience over the years. I’ve worked with section 8 tenants for many years and in 3 different states. In fact my…