inflation affects real estate

How Inflation Affects Real Estate

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How Inflation Affects Real Estate Inflation has been a hot topic lately and knowing how inflation affects real estate helps to forecast things into the future. This article is about how inflation affects real estate and how to deal with it…

Debt Coverage Ratio – Your Lender’s Most Important Number

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Debt Coverage Ratio - A Lender's Most Important Number The debt coverage ratio (DCR) is the most important number to your commercial real estate lender for several reasons. Lenders are the most important partner in your real estate deals because…
apartment expenses for investing

Apartment Expenses to Analyze for Investing

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Analyzing Apartment Expenses for Investing Analyzing apartment expenses for investing is a continuous activity that goes beyond the close of sale. This article focuses on common expense items to apartment investments. It’s important to know…

Multifamily VS Single Family

Multifamily VS Single Family We invest in apartments and single family homes. Our preference is for having more doors under fewer roofs. As a result we focus effort towards multifamily/apartment deals. We still buy single family homes; however,…

Know Your Occupancy – Physical vs. Economic Occupancy in Apartment Investing

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Know Your Occupancy Physical Occupancy vs. Economic Occupancy in Apartment InvestingVacancy is the dreaded word in apartment investing. As an apartment investor, I focus on minimizing vacancy and getting occupancy as high as possible so our…
real estate investing better than stocks

Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market

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Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market Why I Like Real Estate Over The Stock MarketYears back I would get repeated sales calls from New York stock brokers, soliciting my business and recommending stocks, hoping to make…
closing costs multifamily

Closing Costs on Multifamily Properties

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Closing Costs on Multifamily Properties Closing costs on multifamily purchases can be numerous. The Closing costs on multifamily will also differ depending on the specific property and circumstances surrounding the deal. I emphasize circumstances…
apartment investor

Apartment Investor Interview with Omar Ruiz

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Omar Ruiz, apartment investor interview to talk about his experience. This is a previous apartment investor interview done for educational purposes.The following subjects are covered in this educational interview that will help other apartment…
apartment investing; real estate investing; multifamily investing

How to Finance Multifamily Properties

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How to Finance Multifamily Property Unless you plan to forego the benefits of using leverage and pay all cash for property, you need to understand how to finance multifamily and apartment properties. There are various options available with…
apartment investing; reposition

What is A Momentum Deal VS. Reposition Deal in Apartment Investing

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What is A Momentum Deal vs. Reposition Deal in Apartment InvestingIn apartment investing there are differences on the types of deals available. There’s generally two categories: momentum deals and reposition deals. Most brokers will…