insurance costs effects on real estate

Insurance Costs Effects on Real Estate

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Insurance Costs Effects on Real Estate By Omar RuizInsurance costs effects on real estate have been dramatic over the last several years. Owners of properties throughout Texas have been dealing with increasing premiums that exceed norms…

5 Reasons Real Estate is a Good Investment

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5 Reasons Real Estate is a Good Investment by Omar Ruiz Real Estate is an investment vehicle that’s helped many people build wealth. When purchased properly, real estate provides good returns and a tangible asset that can benefit generations…
Mistakes Apartment Investors Make

5 Mistakes Apartment Investors Make

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5 Mistakes Apartment Investors Make For investors to be successful with their apartment investments, it’s necessary to buy right and manage right. An easy way to increase your chances of success is to learn from mistakes apartment investors…

Debt Coverage Ratio – Your Lender’s Most Important Number

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Debt Coverage Ratio - A Lender's Most Important Number The debt coverage ratio (DCR) is the most important number to your commercial real estate lender for several reasons. Lenders are the most important partner in your real estate deals because…
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What Venezuela Teaches about Real Estate Markets

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What the Crisis in Venezuela Teaches us about U.S. Real Estate Markets A recent USA Today article dated May 26, 2016 reports on the difficult situation in the country of Venezuela.  While reading this article it made me think about some of…
apartment investing; millennials

Millennials are a Renter Generation

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Millennials are likely to be a generation that prefer renting for most or all of their lives. I had an experience a few months back at the movie theater that involved an interesting conversation between a mom and her daughter, that was in the…

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated on Apartment Investments

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated On Apartment Investments During our recent acquisition I negotiated repair credits from the seller and in this video I talk about how we went about verifying those repairs. During the due-diligence period…
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Apartment Investment Due-Diligence Feb 18th

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Apartment Investment Due Diligence - Learn the specific activities to be successful during due diligence. If you want to learn about multifamily and apartment investment due diligence, join us on Thursday February 18th in Newport BeachClick…