We help busy professionals create passive income and build wealth, so they can stop worrying about retirement and focus time on family, friends and personal interest.

LeRu Investments, LLC is a real estate investment and property management company. We buy commercial and residential real estate with value-add opportunities to create favorable return on investments. We deliver professional real estate services that facilitate the buying, selling and management of real estate assets.

Our Mission:

The mission of LeRu Investments, LLC is to provide our investors and clients good real estate investment opportunities and professional real estate investment services based on our core values of integrity and superior service.

We do this by performing in-depth market research and statistical analysis of businesses and operations to determine their value potential.

Multi-Family Investing:

We do extensive research on areas of the nation that show signs of economic growth; with supply/demand factors that can sustain this growth for extensive periods of time. These are areas determined to be emerging markets. We study local market conditions, focusing on job growth, rental demand and development activity to gauge trends and patterns. With knowledge of the local market a strategy is developed that’s flexible to deal with market conditions and achieves favorable return on investments. We draw from our experience as residential and commercial apartment owners and managers to plan and achieve results.

To acquire properties we use specialized acquisition software to analyze financial numbers and scenarios accurately and efficiently. We use statistical analysis to forecast and mitigate expenses. We inspect properties for any problem issues that present costs and search for value increasing opportunities. We create business plans that detail the operations and generate cash flow for a favorable return on investment through improved operations. Our strategic advantage is the ability to identify emerging markets and put our experience towards producing the business team of brokers, property managers, contractors, maintenance personnel, lawyers, lenders and many more, to acquire properties and find motivated sellers to negotiate great deals and run profitable operations.

Executive Team:

Omar Ruiz

Omar Ruiz is co-founder of LeRu Investments LLC, a private for profit real estate Investment Company and LeRu Management Services, the property management division of LeRu Investments LLC. LeRu Investments LLC currently manages 92 individual units located from Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties, California and Harris County, Texas. LeRu Investments LLC is a member of the AOA (Apartment Owners Association). Omar can occasionally be found in front of local audiences sharing his knowledge and expertise on topics such as apartment analysis, due-diligence, market cycles, section-8 and effective property management practices.

Mr. Ruiz has been in private practice for more than 10 years and is a real estate investor, property/asset manager. A majority of business activities have been in the city of San Bernardino, where he has advised, guided, and created partnerships and provides property management services to other investors. Mr. Ruiz has a background in business marketing consulting and a quality control engineer. He’s worked as an AS9100 quality manager in the aerospace industry working directly with companies such as Boeing, Gulfstream and Airbus, ULA and Space X. He holds his bachelor’s degree from California State University of Long Beach in business with emphasis on marketing. He is also a member of the American Marketing Association the “Downtown Merchants Association” in his home city of Placentia as well as a founding member of “Citizens for a Better Placentia” and co-organizer of the Real Estate Investors Network in Long Beach, California.


Jeffrey Spindler

Jeffrey Spindler is co-founder of LeRu Investments, LLC, a real estate investment firm that specializes in value add opportunities in emerging markets that have job growth, population growth, and profitable asset acquisition opportunities. Mr. Spindler manages a portfolio of southern California properties for LeRu Investments, LLC and other investors, partners and business associates. With his business partner and a team of field managers that have over a decade of experience in property management, Mr. Spindler delivers outstanding service to tenants to minimize turnover and maximize cash flows for his clients.

Mr. Spindler is a licensed California Real Estate Broker (BRE #01744310) and has performed more than 100 real estate related transactions, including sales, purchases, leases, and 3rd party short sale approvals with lien holders. After the real estate market crashed in 2007-2008, Mr. Spindler educated himself and his clients on getting loan modifications, forbearances and short sales approved with lenders. In 2010, Jeffrey and his team began acquiring real estate investments and developing a California portfolio. Now, with the major price increases and diminishing cash flows in his local California market, Mr. Spindler and his team identify other emerging and appreciating markets that offer his clients greater opportunities for higher returns.

Prior to entering the real estate investment industry, Mr. Spindler earned his bachelor degree from California State University, Fullerton and worked as an OEM and International Sales Executive. Later he served as a purchase agent in the Security/Access Control industry. He has used his formative business experience to deliver detailed analysis of investment opportunities and organize the operations for the Management and Investment Divisions of his businesses.

Business Team Members:

Tony Salazar


Tony Salazar is a seasoned real estate investor, manager and entrepreneur with over 15 years of real estate investing and development experience with a specialty in repositioning multi-family properties. He’s been a key team member in helping to implement strategies and coordinate activities to improve the experience for our tenant customers and increase the performance of our properties.

Key accomplishments in Real Estate in Houston, TX

  • 1990 Purchased, managed and rehabbed 4 Plex from 0% occ. To 100%
  • 1990 Purchased. managed and rehabbed and sold, 6-Plex 50% occ To 100%
  • 1992 Purchased, managed and rehabbed – sold 18-units 50% occ To 100%
  • 1994 Jointly purchased, rehabbed, managed and sold 30-units 65% occ To 95%
  • 1997 Purchased, managed, rehabbed – sold 46-units from 50% occ To 95%
  • 1998 Purchased, managed, rehabbed – sold 50- units 60% occ To 99%
  • 2003 Jointly purchased, rehabbed, managed 224-units 30% occ To 98%
  • 2004 Jointly purchased, managed 60 units from 0% occ To 95%
  • 2006 Purchased, managed, rehabbed – sold 30-units 75% occ To 95%
  • 2008 Purchased, managed, rehabbed 140-units from 70% occ To 90%
  • 2008 Purchased, managed, rehabbed 117-units

Other Properties Purchased and Sold: Other Properties Currently Owned:

  • 2 condos Leonora St. Torrington Home 3×1 1×1
  • 2 Houses Thurow Street 1 condo Clear Lake City 2×2
  • 2 Houses Reveille Street House on 1/2 acre tract in La Porte, TX
  • Garage Apartment Milby Street Sagegreen Home 3×21/2×2
  • 20 Acres, Shiner TX Storm Creek Home 3/21/2/2
  • House with Garage Apartment I-45 Shady Bend Home 3/2/2
  • Jersey Village rehabbed and sold 1 condo SW area


  • 07/2003 Purchased Broadway Park Apartments
  • 1986-2004 Crown Central Petroleum


  • Attend Houston Apartment Association Educational Seminars
  • Member of Preferred Investors Group of Lifestyles, Unlimited, Inc. a group dedicated exclusively to the acquisition

and management of apartment communities.

  • Member of Real Estate Investors Club (Rich Club)
  • Attended 3 day Real Estate as Leverage Tour in Sarasota Florida by Loral Langemeier
  • Attended Commercial Real Estate continuing education (Cherif Medawar)
  • Attended David Lindahl’s Apartments investing book camp.