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Apartments, as an investment vehicle offer investors greater returns with less risk than other investments. The apartment market is less reliant on business cycles for occupancy and benefits from demographic and socio-economic trends.

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Apartments are the back-up housing choice as:

  • Young people move out of their parents’ homes and the eco-boom generation (born 1981-2004), move into adulthood.
  • Increasing employment allows people living at home out of economic necessity, to get their own place.
  • Students graduate from college
  • The Immigrant population increases
  • Workers staffing new factories move into nearby neighborhoods.
  • Financial challenges limit the ability to qualify for homeownership and create the need for temporary and affordable long-term housing.

Apartment Investing Leru Investments

Because the cost of new construction is high, only “A” class apartment construction commanding high rents is feasible for developers. LeRu Investments is dedicated to identifying opportunities in strong growing markets to meet the ever-present demand for multi-family “B” and “C” class properties. These are properties that working class, blue-collar workers can afford and are more likely to rent for longer periods of time.

Apartment Investments Leru Investments

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