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Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment Complex

Investing in real estate, particularly an apartment complex, can be a significant wealth-building strategy. However, it requires thorough research and careful evaluation. This guide will equip you with knowledge about the key factors to consider…
Good Tenant

How to Keep a Good Tenant: A Comprehensive Guide by LeRu Investments

As real estate investment and property management professionals at LeRu Investments, we recognize the immense value of good tenants. They’re an important part of a successful real estate investment strategy. So, how does one keep a good tenant?…
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Why Apartments Are Superior to Other Commercial Types of Real Estate

Investing in real estate is a proven way to generate wealth. But with so many options - office buildings, retail spaces, industrial properties - why should you consider an apartment commercial investment? At LeRu Investments, we've discovered…
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What is a Full Cycle Real Estate Deal?

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What is a Full Cycle Real Estate Deal by Omar RuizWhat does it mean to have a full cycle real estate deal and why is it important? Taking a real estate deal full cycle is an important milestone and accomplishment for real estate syndicators.…

Know Your Occupancy – Physical vs. Economic Occupancy in Apartment Investing

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Know Your Occupancy Physical Occupancy vs. Economic Occupancy in Apartment InvestingVacancy is the dreaded word in apartment investing. As an apartment investor, I focus on minimizing vacancy and getting occupancy as high as possible so our…
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Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market

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Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market Why I Like Real Estate Over The Stock MarketYears back I would get repeated sales calls from New York stock brokers, soliciting my business and recommending stocks, hoping to make…

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated on Apartment Investments

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated On Apartment Investments During our recent acquisition I negotiated repair credits from the seller and in this video I talk about how we went about verifying those repairs. During the due-diligence period…