physical occupancy

Physical Occupancy vs. Economic Occupancy: Which Matters More in Real Estate Investing?

In real estate investing, understanding the nuances can significantly impact your success. For instance, at LeRu Investments, we've found that many investors struggle between comprehending physical occupancy vs. economic occupancy and its importance.…
property management mistakes

Top 5 Property Management Mistakes: A Guide for Real Estate Investors

Property management is the cornerstone of a successful real estate investment. Rental properties can provide a consistent revenue stream and significant equity growth when appropriately managed. However, mismanagement can hinder an investment,…
viewing a property

Things to Look Out for When Viewing a Property

Things to look out for when viewing a property are never just a formality when embarking on the journey toward investing in property. This step is crucial because it's where strategic investors, like the ones partnered with LeRu Investments,…
Economic Occupancy Formula

Understanding the Economic Occupancy Formula: A Key to Profitable Real Estate Investing

At LeRu Investments, LLC, we focus on helping busy professionals create passive income and build more wealth through strategic real estate investments. One of the critical tools we use in our analysis is the economic occupancy formula. This…
apartment complex

Key Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment Complex

Investing in real estate, particularly an apartment complex, can be a significant wealth-building strategy. However, it requires thorough research and careful evaluation. This guide will equip you with knowledge about the key factors to consider…
passive investing

Passive Investing: How Real Estate Can Boost Your Financial Health

A significant number of individuals are proactively exploring strategies to boost their financial security without compromising their lifestyle. At LeRu Investments, we're committed to providing these individuals with the necessary tools and…
real estate investing better than stocks

Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market

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Real Estate Investing is Better Than The Stock Market Why I Like Real Estate Over The Stock MarketYears back I would get repeated sales calls from New York stock brokers, soliciting my business and recommending stocks, hoping to make…