Podcast for Upland Advice Givers about Real Estate Investing

Podcast for Upland Advice Givers about Real Estate Investing Joe Hamilton from Upland Advice Givers interviewed Jeffrey and I about real estate investing. We talk about how we transitioned from employees to investors. We actually did not start…
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Apartment Classes – What Class of Apartment Investor Are You?

Apartment Classes - What Class of Apartment Investor Are You? It's important to know the different apartment classes. The classification method for apartments (commercial real estate in general) is based on the letters A, B, C, D. It's meant…
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What Venezuela Teaches about Real Estate Markets

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What the Crisis in Venezuela Teaches us about U.S. Real Estate Markets A recent USA Today article dated May 26, 2016 reports on the difficult situation in the country of Venezuela.  While reading this article it made me think about some of…
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Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation June 18th

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Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation June 18thDo you wish you bought real estate in California when it was able to cashflow, between 2009-2013? Do you know why real estate values in California spiked soon afterwards? ITS THE REAL ESTATE…
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Millennials are a Renter Generation

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Millennials are likely to be a generation that prefer renting for most or all of their lives. I had an experience a few months back at the movie theater that involved an interesting conversation between a mom and her daughter, that was in the…

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated on Apartment Investments

Verifying Repair Credits Negotiated On Apartment Investments During our recent acquisition I negotiated repair credits from the seller and in this video I talk about how we went about verifying those repairs. During the due-diligence period…
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Apartment Investment Due-Diligence Feb 18th

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Apartment Investment Due Diligence - Learn the specific activities to be successful during due diligence. If you want to learn about multifamily and apartment investment due diligence, join us on Thursday February 18th in Newport BeachClick…

N.Y. Apartments to California Notes, Andy Mirza Investor Interview

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From investing in New York Apartments to California notes and beyond. We're excited to have Andy Mirza, an experienced real estate investor. He has participated in Apartments, Multi-Family, Duplexes, Sixplexes, Condos, Single Family Flips, Mobile…

Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation November 19th

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Real Estate Market Cycles Presentation November 19thMarket Cycles Presentation - At LeRu Investments LLC, we are cash flow investors first, but how do we reap the benefits of an appreciating market? By knowing where we are within the…

Real Estate Investors Meeting * Tuesday November 10th, 11th

Darin Munson from Dallas Texas will be speaking in Los Angeles on November 10th and Orange County on November 11th. He'll be talking about how he started investing in mobile homes and evolved that into multi-family, large apartments and now…